Kay Brothers Wine Flights

Basket Pressed Range ($5/head) – selection of five wines:

This flight takes you on the journey of our early approachable style wines,

Crafted from the varieties of Grenache (Rosé or red), Merlot, Mataro and Shiraz.

This is all about vibrancy, freshness and texture!

Kay Brothers Grenache Trail ($5/head)-selection of four wines:

Kay Brothers Grenache wine flight takes you on a journey of how versatile this variety can be.

Grenache Rosé, Basket Pressed Grenache, Griffon’s Key & Old Founder Tawny port    

Kay Brothers Shiraz Trail ($10/head)-selection of four wines:

A favourite variety grown in McLaren vale, our Shiraz Trail showcases our flagship

Basket Pressed Shiraz, Hillside Shiraz, our iconic Block 6

& Old Founder Tawny port.   

Reserve Wines ($10/head) – selection of five wines:

This flight showcases the depth, richness and intensity of small batch winemaking

including a newcomer produced from Nero d’Avola (Italy),

plus the irresistible classic’s Grenache, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. Wines of distinction and age worthy!

Flagship and Museum $15/head) – selection of five wines:

Wines that have matured and stood the test of time!

Ask our cellar door staff for details

Fortified Wines ($5/head) -selection of three wines:

This flight showcases the depth, richness and intensity of our fortified wines,

each with something unique to offer.

Old Founder Tawny Port, Grand Liqueur Muscat and Rare Muscat.